“As a researcher, I have written a number of research papers and two books with Springer. Along the way of my work, I have learned how to write good English with the English proofreaders. Recently, I asked Boon’s proofreading service for my writing. I realized that Boon’s proofreading service is the most comprehensive. Boon’s service is not just the proofreading, but also the qualified editor that comes with careful and deep thinking for the writing. This significantly enhances my writing.”

-Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (7 Jan 2013)


“We have recently engaged Boon’s service to proof read management practicum cases. His comments are precise. His service delivery is prompt and professional. Highly recommended.”

-Senior Manager, NUS Business School  (27 July 2012)


“Hi, I am Xuanqi. I am a senior PhD student from National University of Singapore.  During the time when I was busy working on my thesis, I saw notices about Boon’s proofreading service on campus, and I decided to give it a try, since I was not confident with my writing skills, as a non-native English speaker. My thesis topic is basically related to materials chemistry and I sent around 23,000 words to Boon for proofreading. I want to say Boon is a very responsible, patient and kind proofreader. When I checked his work, I found he was careful and detailed, since he spotted many mistakes I had never realized. He even sent me a list of the main mistakes I made, and I did learn a lot from that. My English grammar is not good but he still highlighted the same kind of mistakes over and over again patiently.

As a result, the final version of my thesis has been polished.”

-Xuanqi, PhD student at National University of Singapore (NUS)   (7 Aug 2012)

See her YouTube Video Review:


I am impressed by Boon’s professionalism. He took meticulous care in reading one of my manuscripts, was respectful in his approach, and completed the task efficiently, mindful that I might need to submit my manuscript soon. I will ask for his service again.

-Eddie Tong, PhD, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Department of Psychology (13 Nov 2013)




Recent Review #1

RuimingMy name is Tang Ruiming, a Ph.D. Candidate from School of Computing, National University of Singapore. I wrote my thesis during June and July, 2014. The same as some non-English native speakers, my English writing is not good for my thesis. I need proof reading services for my thesis. I knew Boon’s proof reading service from one of my friends and decided to give a try.

Boon replied me very fast, and estimated a reasonable price for proof reading my thesis. The editor who was proof reading my thesis communicated with me friendly and patiently. She finished proof reading my thesis on time as planned. She almost found all the grammar mistakes I made and also suggested some changes in the sentence structure to make them more readable.

To all the students who need proof reading services for your reports, papers and thesis, Boon’s service is one of your choices. Do not hesitate to give it a try.

– Tang Ruiming, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computing, National University of Singapore (11 Aug 2014)

Recent Review #2

Thank you so much for your fast & accurate proofreading for my thesis, will highly recommend you to my friends & use your services again. Thank you so much.

– Anthony Lim Kee Sing, PhD student, Department of Theology, Berit Theological Seminary (30 June 2014)

Recent Review #3

I am happy with the work and the manner in which services were rendered. I appreciated the commitment to deadlines etc.

– Joel Lou, MBA student, Imperial College London (19 June 2014 )


(from thesis-proofread.blogspot.com)

business-handshake.Malis 11 November 2012 20:24

I use Boon service to proof read my PhD thesis proposal. He commented not only on the grammar and technical aspect of the English language but gave his opinions and suggestions regarding to the content of the subject as well. The comment really helps in structuring a good proposal.

-PhD student at Japanese Studies Department, NUS.

Anonymous 21 November 2012 02:18

Boon’s proofreading service is amazing! Not only he explained my mistakes but also he gave me suggestions to improve the paper. Also he was fast to complete his work in time. Since he has a bachelor’s degree in Physics, he knows how to comment on engineering papers as well. If you are searching for a proofreading service, go for Boon’s proofreading service!

-Engineering PhD Student at NUS..

Yosuke Watanabe 28 November 2012 05:16

I asked Mr. Boon to proofread my English because I was not very satisfied with the quality of proofreading done by another editor (editmyenglish.com) that I had used before; the editing service checked English grammar only. Mr. Boon’s quality of proofreading fulfilled my expectation though I had to wait for a few days (He had to edit another customer’s draft when I asked him to proofread my English) and it cost more than another proofreading service. Overall, however, I am happy with Mr. Boon’s editing service and I would like to recommend him as a quality editor.

-PhD student from the department of Japanese Studies, NUS

Jeremy Loo Ee Yong 23 December 2012 22:56

Boon’s proofreading service is pretty thorough and he was able to point out many mistakes in my masters thesis (Zoological Sciences). Many grammatical errors and inconsistency in formatting were picked up for my final draft. All thanks to him, I manage to meet my deadline on time and my thesis looked much more presentable after his proof reading although my supervisor made a couple of changes here and there (mostly due to content issues).

-Jeremy, NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Masters graduate 2012

Choon tiong Goh 12 January 2013 17:17

My Final year project’s supervisor suggested having my project proof-read. I goggled and found Boon’s blog. He proof-read a few pages for me. I like it and without second thought, I engaged him. He completed the proof-read within 5 days for the 22,000 words project on supply chain management. Boon is thorough and analytical; he corrected the grammar, reconstructed the sentences to ensure logistics flow and highlighted errors. This has greatly improve the quality of my project.

-MBA, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester.

Anonymous 9 February 2013 18:41

I asked Boon to proofreading one section of my master thesis (Computer Science). His service is punctual and high quality. He pointed out many of my grammatical errors and also gave some suggestions about the format of academic writing. I am very satisfied with his service.

-Master Student, School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Guangsen Wang 5 January 2014 00:54

As a non-native English speaker, I always find writing a paper very frustrating, let alone my Ph.D thesis (Computer Science). I have recently asked Boon to proofread three chapters of my Ph.D thesis with a total of 16K words. Not only does he complete it on time, but the quality of the work is superb. Grammar errors, choice of wording, even punctuations, are also corrected. I fount my thesis much more pleasant to read after his editing. I therefore sent two more chapters to him. In addition, I also recommended him to my lab-mate without any hesitation, who is also writing his Ph.D thesis.

-Vincent Wang, Ph.D candidate, National University of Singapore, School of Computing, Department of Computer Science

Anonymous 6 May 2014 01:18

I’m a student in one of the local universities and I enlisted Boon’s assistance in proofreading one of my papers. He offered quality proofreading service and I’m very impressed – besides grammar and sentence structures, he also offered new ways to phrase certain arguments or paragraphs to ensure that my message is sent across clearly.

Boon responds promptly to my requests and he never fails to seek clarification before proofreading my work. Furthermore, he is committed in ensuring that I received my work on time by proofreading my work earlier than the expected time given by him.

He is a reliable proof-reader and I’ll come back again in future to enlist his expertise.

-Ron, Economics

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