Our Services

How Can We Help You Hanging Store Sign Helpful ServiceWe serve not only our clients, but also our client’s clients.

How we serve you?
Your writing represents you. By polishing your words, we create a better image of you and a better impression of your ideas to the world.

How we serve your clients?
Your clients are your audience, your readers – anyone who reads your writing, even someone halfway across the world, or someone who is born a thousand years into the future. A writer’s words, online or in print, or in the memories of our readers, will out-live our short human lifespans. Our service exists to ensure that your future readers will not be misled, confused or horrified by any mistakes that may slip your notice, especially if you are a non-native English speaker; our service will make your writing more pleasant and enjoyable to read.

Specifically, our scope of service encompasses the following tasks:

tick-box 2 Correcting grammatical mistakes, in the expression and usage of articles, verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, and sentence connectors. Includes checking agreement between subject and verb in sentences and agreement between determiners and nouns in nominal expressions.

tick-box 2 Checking spelling mistakes, especially words typed wrongly but are not detected by spelling auto-checkers in software because the mistyped word ends up as a correctly spelled word with a completely different meaning.

tick-box 2 Checking proper use of punctuation marks: e.g. commas, full stops, colons, semi colons, etc.

tick-box 2 Checking that your sentences are coherent, and there is proper transition between paragraphs and sections. Ensuring proper organization overall, possibly involving rearranging sentences or larger portions of text.

tick-box 2 Simplifying clumsy expressions which are too wordy or repetitive. Splitting overly long sentences and overly long paragraphs.

tick-box 2 Fixing awkward sounding expressions, e.g. by word-for-word substitution, or deleting the problematic words.

tick-box 2 Rewording or commenting on unclear expressions, pointing out the ambiguity of meanings and possible solutions.

tick-box 2 Checking of basic logical argumentation in your ideas, ie pointing out obvious flaws in reasoning.

tick-box 2 Checking the consistency of basic formatting throughout a document: font, paragraphing, headers, citations, numberings

tick-box 2 Improving the style and formality, cutting down on colloquialisms, to make your writing more professional.

tick-box 2 Occasionally leaving comments to explain edits, and to point out the specific fundamental linguistic problems of the text, e.g. if the writer keeps making the same kind of mistake due to lack of understanding basic grammatical rules in English.

Student working on laptop in libraryOur scope of service does not include:

cross-box3_shrunk Advising on matters specific to your field

cross-box3_shrunk Writing fresh content (including summarizing existing content, or creating table of contents)

cross-box3_shrunk Deleting words to meet a particular required word count

cross-box3_shrunk Heavy formatting, ie jobs whereby formatting will take up more than 30% of the total working time

cross-box3_shrunk Direct editing in cases where the document is supposed to represent the client’s language ability. E.g. student applications to schools, student assignments graded on language. However, we may offer indirect help, by giving comments or consultation to such students, and guide the student to correct his own errors by himself.